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Refrigerator Always Running

Does it seem like your refrigerator is always running when you walk past it? This can be an early indicator of  a potential problem. When your refrigerator is working harder, just like anything else, it is stressing other components which can lead to a bigger issue. Regular service and maintenance is a great way to avoid these pitfalls.

Items Not Cold Enough

Are your beers or sodas not quite cold enough? Is the ice cream just slightly soft when you open it? These things aren't happening by chance. There is an issue with your refrigerator. You could have a seal issue, a refrigerant issue, a compressor issue, a thermostat issue, or more. Give us a call to fix the issue and protect your Sub Zero for years to come.

Water Leaking From Refrigerator

If you notice water coming from underneath your Sub Zero or an ice buildup on the bottom inside of the unit, there is an issue. In addition to potential damage to flooring, the unit is in need of service as the drip pan is overflowing indicating a problem. If left alone, this can only exacerbate the issue and lead to other problems.

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